On the balcony

She watched her coffee droopped ice cream, which she had decided to put in a place of sugar in the icy delicacies. Iced Coffee with a piece of frozen cream was the best thing to indulge in in the hot and warm summer months. She sat on the balcony and wondered if she could ignite one BlackDevils black cigarette or not. She wanted to stop smoking, it crawled into money and it wasted her time, but she didn't have the right motivation.
Maybe once, when he has a partner or a child who, of course, would mean the end of smoking, that's probably the right motivation. But now she didn't want to do it. Smoking reasacted her. Mostly because of this she had to go out somewhere, or at least a little walk, or sit down on the balcony at home, because she would never smoke in the apartment.