Real, killing feasts

Previously, it was customary for each village to take the slaughter of a pig. It was an event in which the whole "grandfather" was involved. Today, this tradition continues, but it is more of a private event that each family organizes separately. Thanks to the butcher, the pig is killed, from which the meat is pumped and the fat is dried with lard. Another excellent speciality is the sausage, pusher, or pig's cerebelate, which is mixed with eggs.
Available today
There's no rarity in the village, but it's getting worse in town. Probably none of the people living in the apartment can imagine that they would make a tailor-made greaves or bread in their small kitchen. But even the townies may not despair, the delicacies are available in special shops, which are freely available. Next, you can buy a crush or ORGANIC meat directly from the butcher. In fact, the reality is that more and more young people refuse to eat domestic specialities of this type. And not only Prague or Brno are proof of this.