Who actually we are

Our company PROMAN S.R.O. is based in Chrudim. We also have a commercial office in Ústí nad Labem and Prague. The warehouse is then in Lukavice near Slatiňan. We have a representation in almost all of Europe. For example, you can find us in Slovakia, Poland, Hungary or Croatia. But also in many other countries. Our quality racks are simply sold almost on their own. You don't have them yet? That's a big mistake. You try and you won't want another.
We are known and successful
You could have read about us for example. In the Transport and logistics, LogisticNEWS or Entrepreneur Magazine. On our website we have a well-arranged e-shop where you can view each of our shelves and at rest choose the right one that you need and which meets your requirements and needs. You can then simply order. We believe you will be satisfied.